101 Work at Home Ideas to Make Money Online

The world will never be the same again. Both the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic are driving rapid change to the way we live. And, even though the coronavirus pandemic will die out, the chances that the world will revert to the way it was before the end of 2019 is minimal.

And, as global netizens, we have the choice to see the current worldwide upheaval as a threat or as an opportunity. While considering the past, present, and future, the answer to the unasked question of whether to face the future with fear, or whether to embrace the opportunity, is to grab the moment with both hands and move confidently into the future.

Everyone is working from home, global businesses are embracing the change by moving online. Consequently, the parallel stream of digital marketing best practices is growing in prominence because brand marketers need to market their brands’ products and services.

Therefore, the question that begs is, what are the best opportunities to work from home and earn money online? There are many ways to make money online. Here you check out 101 ideas to go:

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101 Work at Home Ideas to Make Money Online

1. Copywriter


Becoming a copywriter is amazing. You should Learn to become a copywriter as it will help you make money.

The best thing is that you will not need to have a formal education. When you look at some of the highest-paid copy writers, they never attended a copywriting class.

As a copywriter, you can specialize in various different content formats. Besides, it will be an added advantage when you build your own business by writing anything such as product descriptions, landing pages, blog articles advertisements and many more.

If you need to work at home, start copywriting. You can look for clients who would love your copy to start your journey.

2. Traditional Author

There are jobs from home that give you an opportunity to make money. That is becoming a traditional author. Following this opportunity, you need to have the information that you need to share. That can be via writing a book and pack it as a single product.

However, don’t expect it to be an easy task. But it will be a small price you will pay to the amazing possibilities the opportunity will open for you.

There are top world publishers that can pay you good money for your work. You should know that you don’t have to become a traditional author until in the past, you’ve written things that are shorter than a book to polish your skills.

Traditional Author

3. Freelance Blogger

Freelance Blogger

You can make money working remotely as a freelance blogger. It is a great way that you can do when you want to sell your profession is a certain topic or subject. There are sites that hire blog writers. Using that chance will make you earn an income.

Currently, freelancing is the range. There is no argument about your working hours, your pay, or the choice of clients.

There is a difference between freelance bloggers and bloggers. As a freelance blogger, you’re writing as a business. So, everything you produce should be of high quality and professional for selling. With freelance blogging, it helps to establish your voice over talent.

4. EBook Author

Most people feel they have a book inside them. The stumbling block is to find private funds or willing agents who will help their work get in front of the audience.

With the internet today, it allows anyone to make money from home as an eBook author. An added advantage is that you can make that money at your convenience. The obstacle to that is getting an audience. With the high technological advancement, you can start developing relationships at Twitter. Facebook, on the other hand, will help you engage with existing readers.

Today, there is no need to pass through the traditional publishing method anymore. As an eBook author, you can, therefore, publish the books and then sell them as ebooks online.

Freelance Blogger

5. Expert Blogger

Expert Blogger

If you have a topic that you have a lot of experience, another way to make money is by starting a blog. A blog will need you to build it over time to help you generate passive income.

There are many people who have tried starting blogs. However, it is only a few that have been able to generate substantial income through their effort.

The art of blogging isn’t formulaic or scientific but a passion. You need to have a passion because without deep-seated passion on what you craft, you are likely to face upset and frustrations.

6. Niche Blogger

If you want to put in your time and effort, you can be persistent over the years generating substantial income, with online jobs from home such as starting a niche blog. In a niche blog, you can choose a specific niche that you’re comfortable with because it will help you have a passive income generation.

When you do the right way with a niche blog, it will attract the correct clients. That is regardless of the industry or field. You have to be clear about what you want to write. Define a niche or topic and entice the customers with highly informative posts.

7. Social Media Influencer

If you are looking for home based jobs, you can earn as a social media influencer, you have to share your information and expertise on the right social media platform. That will help you build your reputation and become a social media influencer.

Currently, social media influencers have created a new class of being famous. So, it is not a must you be from entertainment celebrities, but have millions of fans. That will help you translate the massive followings into millions of dollars.

You need to be creative with advertising, brand partnerships, patronage and more. Some social media platforms to use include Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Social Media Influencer

8. Niche Website Operator

Niche Website Operator

A great way to make money at home besides looking for online data entry jobs is to start a niche website. Unlike the authority website that tries to be undisputed, a niche website will shrink down your focus. It should, therefore, focus on a specific topic. Such a website will naturally have a concentrated audience base and a good one for monetization.

It is, therefore, easy for you to start such a type of website with a specific niche. Besides making money, you will be able to share information unlike podcasts or traditional blogs. Most people love niche blogs because it is concentrated on information on the topics they want.

9. Guest Blogger

As a guest blogger, you can earn yourself an income. You will be offering your services as a guest blogger. That means writing content for other sites and get paid.

If you’re an expert in a specific industry or niche, you can be hired for guest posting services. Many companies are offering typing jobs from home and guest blogging is one opportunity. The reason is that the companies want to have links from high-quality sites directed into their websites. If you can write content that will be accepted by these quality sites, you can be hired for guest posting services.

Guest Blogger

10. Ghost Blogger

A ghost blogger is an opportunity of working from home jobs you can use to make money. As a ghost blogger, you have to write some copies such as speeches, articles, blog posts, books, web copy, email newsletters, and more.

When you become a ghost blogger, the credit of your work will go to the client that hired you. An added advantage of becoming a ghost blogger is because the jobs are more lucrative. It helps you to grow your freelancing writing business.

If you become a ghost blogger, you have to create articles or blog posts where you will then sell them to the websites for publishing.

11. YouTube Personality

YouTube stars have become self-made celebrities. It is a good place you can venture and make money with this stay at home jobs. You have to start your own channel and share your information online. Through advertisements, your channel will make money for you.

However, you have to create content that gears towards entertainment, audience, reviewing, and also being awesome on the internet.

When you start with the channel, the first earnings come from the ads. It is also vital to join the YouTube Partners Program as it will help you make extra money. You’re able to apply monetization after you’ve hit 4,000 watch hours within a year and more than 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube Personality

12. TikTok


There are ways to make money from TikTok. TikTok has continued to garner more popularity worldwide. That is through TikTokers acts such as drama, lip singing, and more.

If you want to enter into this TikTok where you can build your audience then you need to create a unique theme or act. That will make people follow you and therefore, give you an opportunity of being paid.

This is a new platform. It’s not as old as Facebook or YouTube. And therefore, you need to create creative video content for your audience. The essential thing is to be consistent with your work and you will generate revenue.

13. Facebook Influencer

You can also work at home as a Facebook influencer. You need to, therefore, explore Facebook’s tools, products, and services built having business influencers in mind.

Facebook is the best place to make money as an influencer. This is because you can easily reach a new audience. However, hundreds of global businesses are using Facebook as their social media platform.

You can, therefore, create various groups that will help you engage and share relevant ideas. That enables the brand pages to give you sponsorship of promoting their brands. However, you have to build your trust by becoming a real person having interest and passion. That allows various brands to also trust you.

Facebook Influencer

14. Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencer

If you have thousands of Instagram followers, there is a great chance for you to earn money from home as an Instagram influencer. You can, therefore, share relevant ideas to brand your pages. That will easily get you sponsorship of individuals or companies that want you to promote their brands.

With many followers, that allows you to climb the ladder slowly as a social media influencer. However, to get yourself at the pick, you have to protect and build your reputation. That will help you monetize your influence through this social media platform and earn a living as part time work from home.

15. Twitter Influencer

Twitter is a great platform that can allow you to monetize your influence. If you want to become an influencer at Twitter, you should create things and engage them. These things should have relevant ideas that help to promote your brand pages. With that, you’re likely to get sponsorship of printing other people’s brands.

As a twitter influencer, you have to get the users such that they notice and talk more about a thing, place or even a person. The first place that news break is on Twitter and likely to go viral. So, when you get a brand and talk about it, your followers will re-tweet based on the admiration and respect they have for you. That is why Twitter’s influence can be the best online business.

Twitter Influencer

16. Podcaster


Podcasting has become a great way of starting an online business as it makes money through sharing information via audio format.

As this industry continues to explode in popularity, more people have started jumping in and creating new shows. That is helping them to leverage themselves by building an audience, personal brands, boosting the exposure of businesses, and connecting with other influencers.

As many other people are gaining success using podcasting to generate additional revenue streams, you can also make it. There are many ways to succeed in making money through a podcast. To generate revenue streams with podcasts, you can get podcast sponsorships among other essential ways.

17. Public Speaker

Can you get paid for public speaking? Yes, it is an essential method that you can use to make money as an internet business.

If you can share your expertise as a person, then you can succeed to make public speaking appearances for relevant events.

However, to start as a public speaker it is advisable to start as an amateur. That means speaking for free. That helps you to hone your content and also makes a lot of practice. It is essential because you will be able to pitch out paid gigs after you have started to become better at public speaking. It is not hard as there are many events happening every day in the cities.

Public Speaker

18. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketer

If you own a podcast, newsletter, a blog, it is easy to make money through the affiliate program. You will be able to build your business when you’re working with different brands where you have to drive traffic to their related websites.

Today, affiliate marketing has become a passive source of income and is among the top ten online businesses across the globe. This method of getting income is highly competitive but will be easy for you to make money online. If you want to be successful, you should learn how affiliate programs work such as the Amazon affiliate program.

For sure, to succeed, remember that you should be patient and choose attractive products.

19. Social Media Manager

It’s an age of social media! Almost everyone, including the business owners, have social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook.

Many businesses are struggling to manage their accounts effectively. That is why they outsource it to people who do. So, if you know how to harness the power behind these platforms so that their businesses can attract more leads and followers, you will get paid big bucks.

It might be service-based business, and therefore, you can share your expertise by working with businesses where you will manage their social media accounts. This is a great online business for students’ opportunities.

Social Media Manager​

20. Membership Site Owner

Membership Site Owner

It is easy to create a site and then charge a membership fee. That will help you become an online entrepreneur. Many people want to access various parts of your site or get other benefits such as bonus content and will have to subscribe.

It is an ideal online business that involves recurring and passive income. It will depend on the memberships. For example, a gym will require monthly fees. So, in your membership site, you can offer reports, articles, video tutorials, checklists, webinars, apps, software, templates, and many more.

The reason why people love membership sites is that such websites help to simplify their lives and increase their learning curves.

21. How-to Guide Creator

There are many people in the world who would like to do things by themselves such as starting a small business. Taking that opportunity, you can create How-to articles where you will be sharing specific information. That is by creating them by yourself and then sell them online. Sometimes, to increase your audience, decide to make hard copies and then sell them.

With how-to information, it helps the reader to perform a specific task after following your step by step instructions. That becomes a practical way that you can convey information in regards to an active process. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for sharing your practical skills with a wider audience.

How-to Guide Creator

22. Online Course Creator

Online Course Creator

There is an opportunity for setting unique business ideas by creating a course and then sell it online to the relevant customers. So, if you have a specific skill or craft, this is the way to go.

Today, online education continues to burgeoning markets. However, with all the competition, it isn’t easy but you can succeed. If you need to succeed, offer a course that is easy for learners to understand and implement. Another thing is offering a one-off fee while the student is beginning the course. But to avoid intimidation, avoid recurring payments by asking upfront. That will also make it easier to sell more online courses.

23. Workbook Seller

It is suitable to earn extra bucks by selling workbooks. That is possible as you can create these workbooks, worksheets and other informational downloads. When you have them, you can sell through a website or your blog as this can be the most profitable business.

An advantage as to why workbooks can be an additional offering is because they have higher perceived value than the paperback or hardcover book. A workbook is expensive than the paperback book depending on the market.

Besides, you can sell workbooks as companion products when teaching or speaking workshops. In case a large company hires you for an event, there is a potential for you to also pre-sell the workbooks for attendees.

Workbook Seller

24. Magazine Publisher

Magazine Publisher

Today, traditional printing publication isn’t that common as it used to be some years back. When looking for an opportunity to make some bucks, it is a great opportunity where you can create some magazines and then sell to your customers making this a small business marketing.

However, your path to achieving your goals will depend on the reasons as to why you’re involved in this magazine production. To have a good audience, you should be able to put words on a paper with careful thought. That means you need the necessary skills and experience.

This is suitable when you have a passion and want to share with others, you can start with a specialty subject publication. It can be a good low investment business.

25. Newspaper Publisher

If you start Newspaper publishing, there is a great chance of making it in the market. That will help you make extra money from your passion. To start, you can create your newspaper in a local area and sell information to the consumers.

However, you should be a good editor. As an editor, you should be able to rewrite and sentence and make it easier for readers. Moreover, you need to have a strong choice of words, correct spelling, no grammatical errors and proper punctuations. If not that, with a good flow of words and able to review texts for errors you can be hired as an editor.

Newspaper Publisher

26. Coach


There are some essential home based business ideas that can bring income. Coaching can be a good business. It is a process where you aim at improving performances. There are different coaching models that you can do to earn money such as a facilitator. Remember that there is a big difference between helping someone to learn and teaching them. As a coach, you can help one to improve on performance or learn and get paid.

Like a good coach, you should believe that the people you’re coaching have an answer to their problems.

 So, you’re there to help them understand and find the answer. To make money as a coach, you can look for clients who need help in your niche of specialization online.

27. Consultant

Starting an online business as a consultant is among the best small business ideas. If you’re a professional and can provide expert advice in a specific area such as education, business, law, human resources and more you can make good money.

However, to be a consultant, you should be experienced in a specific field and by that, also have a wide knowledge of that niche. For example, as a consultant who is outside the medical sphere or any professional, you can fall under two categories: internal consultant or external consultant.

For an internal consultant, you have to work with an organization but you will be available for consultation in your area of specialization. External consultants, on the other hand, will be employed externally but provide services at a fee.


28. Forum Moderator

Forum Moderator

There are many internet and easy business ideas you can start to earn money. You can become a forum moderator. You have to create an internet forum where it is an online discussion site that helps people to hold conversations. This type of forum differs from the chat rooms because the messages will be longer more than one line of text that will also be temporarily archived. As a moderator, sometimes you have to approve the posted message before it is visible to the public.

So, if you need to become a forum moderator and ask members registration fees, you can build a business online forum. The members of the community will share information.

29. Community Leader

It is possible to make money if you own business ideas as a community leader. To become a community leader, you should be perceived to be a representative of the community. The community can be a place and a representative of people having the same interests, practices, or purposes.

To be a community leader, you don’t have to be elected to that position or have any legal power. But you can act as a point of liaison between the authorities and your community.

Having that advantage, you can, therefore, start a business based in the community. That will enable you to earn through membership and events.

Community Leader

30. Printables Seller

Printables Seller

Most women owned businesses don’t start big. You can, therefore, make money by printing various products and then sell them online through various platforms. Some of these printables are such as informational posters and in-depth guides.

If you want to sell printables, you can make a passive income. That is by being creative. It means that you can create and sell digital printables online.

These printables are documents that can be printed and then be used by consumers. These printable can help people with organizing, planning and more such as calendar planners, meal planner or project planners. That is why it can be among the most profitable business.

31. Directory Site Operator

Online directory sites have made a mark as among the most profitable online businesses. The reason is that they are extremely essential to both the users and directory site’s owners.

Creating your directly is a good opportunity to get profits comfortably fitted at home. However, the users will be looking for the information they need from your website. For example, if a visitor would be looking for a restaurant, the best place will be in a directory site.

It, therefore, means you can create a site that specifically lists some specific information. You get money after charging individual businesses to be listed on your list making it an SME business.

Directory Site Operator

32. Class Instructor

Class Instructor

Class instructing is another among the small scale business ideas of earning money at a convenient time. Teaching anything you’re good at such as dancing to SAT-prep will bring an opportunity for you to earn.

If you are good at dancing, you can communicate theory and practice with your students’ various dance disciplines. Dance has been used since time immemorial for social interaction, celebration or expressing a deeper concept. It has also become complex and specialized by taking years of training for you to reach the intermediate level.

Most people will rely on your expertise and come to your classes. That can become disciplined entrepreneurship to do.

33. Industry Thought Leader

You have heard about “thought leader” but don’t know how it can help you get an income as a small-medium enterprise? If you want to be a thought leader, it means you have demonstrated expertise in a specific topic or industry and, therefore, become a reliable source of opinion, insights, and information.

There are B2B prospects that are searching for answers, comparisons, insights, guidance and more. In case you will be able to build expertise in what they are looking for, you can become a thought leader. That will help you earn an income through speaking engagements to training sessions.

Industry Thought Leader

34. Webinar Host

Webinar Host

If you want to earn an income, you can host a webinar. A webinar is referred to as a video workshop that you will present to a live audience and is among the best small business to start. You have to ensure it is informative, interactive, and unscripted.

When you feel that you’re excited to connect with an audience to quickly share online informational events where you’re sharing your expertise via a wide audience, it is a great way to earn an income. The audience will have to register and pay to attend your webinars. That can help you deliver your unique business ideas to the audience who will appreciate it.

35. Workshop Host

I want to start my own business as a workshop host. There are many people who like attending workshops to earn a new skill. That helps them get a brainstorming or training session in these workshops. However, you can also earn an income by holding such workshops.

That means that depending on your field of expertise, you can hold an internal, B2B or B2C type of event knowing what you’re aiming to achieve front of the event.

A workshop isn’t like a conference as it is a shorter and intimate event having a limited number of attendees. Besides, it focuses on a specific topic and less formal. If you host a workshop, you can charge an admission fee to interested attendees.

Workshop Host

36. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Online tutoring is among the steps to starting a business. If you have skills, you can tutor in an online, networked, or virtual environment where you interact with your students at separate physical locations. Besides, you can also be separated by time.

There are different ways that online tutoring is practiced for a distinct set of users. These distinctions are in user and content interface, as well as tutor training and tutoring styles.

In case you’re willing to share your expertise at a fee on a one-on-one level, online tutoring is in a small business list of earning income. That can enable you to start a tutoring business if you’re specialized in a specific topic or subject.

37. Conference Organizer

It is easy to earn by organizing conferences. As a professional conference organizer, you need to have small business skills and you can share information via conference or such events. By starting your own conferences or holding the events, you need to have great speakers who will deliver great info to the attendees.

Such conferences, for example, can be a consultation for professional or academic associations. You can also become a conference organizer where you provide full-service management to the conference such as program development, abstract management software, conference design, IT support, leisure management and many more.

Conference Organizer

38. Mobile App Seller

Mobile App Seller

There are many opportunities in becoming an entrepreneur with mobile app selling. Most small business has been worrying about launching their dedicated mobile apps. That is because there is a need for technical skills and high costs that have contributed to this weariness. The cost has fallen down because the apps now can be launched at ease and, therefore, creating a market for one who wants to develop and sell their apps.

When you have a good and dedicated structure, you can earn an income by selling apps. These apps help you to share info with mobile consumers. That also helps to earn via in-app purchases or ads.

39. Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, you will be responsible for more than just helping to execute trades in a market but be having characteristics of entrepreneurship. You will play that role on behalf of your clients. So, with your knowledge and expertise, you can construct personalized financial plans aiming to achieve your financial goals for your clients. Some of these plans include budget, savings, insurances, and tax strategies.

So, if you’re knowledgeable about finances, it will help you to serve as an advisor. That will be for individuals or businesses where you’re sharing your expertise at a fee as an online entrepreneur.

Financial Advisor

40. Professional Trainer

Professional Trainer

If you’re in an industry or field that requires specific training, there is a chance for you to build your entrepreneurial culture. That means you will be offering specific training to those businesses that are ready to outsource some of your business skills.

As a professional trainer, you can be able to retain your clients and get steady cash flow. That is by using the right strategies because there are many opportunities there that will bring you more money. It can be a good way to increase your earning potential by following great actionable tips that will help you get more clients looking for your services.

41. Researcher

As a researcher, it can be a good rural entrepreneurship where you have to seem out information for various purposes. You can, therefore, be employed in various industries and your skills used for varying projects. Some of the researches that you can conduct include financial research, market research, scientific research, medical research, and many more.

The clients can hire you temporarily for specific projects on ongoing research services where you gather and interpret data. Depending on the type of project, you can work solo or with a team of fellow researchers. When done, you will be compensated or sell the information to them.


42. Business Plan Service Operator

Business Plan Service Operator

There are many newly coming online entrepreneurs. There are many services that you can offer to the new and experienced entrepreneurs regarding their business plan.

If you’re a business expert, there are services that you can easily offer to these clients such as writing a business plan or acting as a consultant. That is a way that you can share your expertise with the new entrepreneurs. A business plan is easy to write like a professional business plan service operator. You don’t have to be an accountant or business degree holder to write a great business plan to make your clients successful entrepreneurs.

43. Editor

There are numerous people who aim at turning their passion for proofreading, writing, and editing into a career. It is possible and one can make money through editing other people’s work into a variety of formats.

There is a high demand for editors in the market. You can find these jobs and utilize them to help you earn money with such home based jobs. As an editor, you might not share your personal expertise in your work. But you can be of great help to writers who are looking to understand various different formats of their work. Becoming an editor is among the best entrepreneur business ideas.


44. E-Library


Today, the internet has made many things to change in the world and can make you among the top 100 entrepreneurs. You find that snail mail letters have been replaced by emails, people Skype instead of making long-distance phone calls. You also find that now people are shopping online and not fighting for any parking space at the local shopping mall.

That is just a taste of the disruptions we’re enjoying with the internet. Another great disruption is attending libraries. Today, you can easily make money by collecting information from different sources and then create your own E-Library. That will make people find information easily at a fee.

45. Marketing Service Operator

You can earn by becoming a marketing service operator. You can be hired to market a company’s service or product in the global economy online. It therefore easily does that by offering your digital marketing skills and that is something you can do when working remotely. 

Digital marketing involves various techniques to market products and services. For example, you can offer content marketing where you create high quality and converting content for your clients. That is a career that can help you earn an income. With content writing services, those are some of the home based jobs that you can be offering to businesses.

Marketing Service Operator

46. Press Release Service Operator

Press Release Service Operator

Press releases have become some of the easiest ways of engaging journalists or making your stories published. Many business owners are looking for ways that they can spread information regarding their brands and the best way to go is through press releases.

If you know how to write these press releases, that is an added advantage as it can help you make money from home. You, therefore, will be providing services by writing press releases for investors business where they share their information via media outlets.  That can be a great opportunity to make money from home. That is because many companies are using this method to market themselves.

47. Brochure Creator

Today, it has become common that most businesses are attempting to succeed by advertising their products or services. In case you’re possessing those skills, that can help you earn money from these businesses.

The most typical method which is also the best option is through the advertisement for sales brochures. In people’s eyes, a sales brochure offers more quality than a regular leaflet. You can, therefore, ignite the local companies near your town by helping them to cover their advertisement brochure. That will be an added advantage for you to make money. You can also create other informational content forms for your business clients as a way to earn money at home.

Brochure Creator

48. Short Story Writer

Short Story Writer

If you are good are creating and writing short fiction or drama stories, is a good way to earn by selling those stories. So, your story writing skills will enable you to earn money from home.

Writing a novel can’t only be the only hobby to you can earn cash. You can get many opportunities online through writing and make them your source of income.

Writing short stories require creative writing. There are many people willing to buy your stories. You can also sell to various sites. If you don’t have the stamina to write long novels and books, short story writing is a great alternative.

49. Personal Trainer

Fitness personal training is the best small business idea to start when you have skills. This is something for fitness-minded entrepreneurs who are willing to share their expertise with their individual clients.

If you are fantastic and fitness is your hobby, you will easily market and sell yourself and that can be a great way to earn good money. When you want to know the much you can earn, look at what a fitness trainer earns.

There are principles that you have to follow before you take a deep dive into this career. It might be a low investment business that you’re starting and in the future, you realize that you’re making a living through your hobby.

50. Direct Mail Creator

Direct Mail Creator

There are steps to starting a business. There is an opportunity to make money as a direct mail creator. Direct mailing has been a marketing strategy involving sending a package, brochure, mailer, postcard, and more to your customer. That is a method that is being used in B2C and B2B selling. 

There are various advantages that make direct mails recommended such as better ROI, consumers enjoy getting mails and they are better response rates more than mails. So, it is a great opportunity to write or create direct mails that share information on businesses as successful entrepreneurs will hire you.

51. Translator

We are living in a world that is full of many languages. There are few people that can speak a second language. With that, communication will become impossible for one to communicate with the other. That is the reason there are professional translators.

If therefore, you know more languages, you can earn a living by translating informational documents or other materials for people. The main role of these translators is to help you send the message across without emphasis or distortion. It is the reason as to why you will find professional translation in high demand. However, to succeed, accuracy and context are the key to quality translation.


52. Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor

If you are a fitness instructor, you can easily make money working at home. That is by holding large classes online. In these classes, your followers can follow online and subscribe to view your fitness instructions. It is an added advantage as you can hold multiple people at once giving you a low investment business opportunity.

Besides, you can also provide training and instructions programs to people. The program can be engaging the clients on exercises that will make them lose weight to achieve their goals. The advantage is that you can sell these programs and earn money. The market is stiff but you should distinguish your skills as outstanding instructor. You also need to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

53. Making Dietary Meal Plans

There are people who are excellent at making dietary meal plans. That is a great advantage as it offers them a chance to generate income. In case your expertise lies in the realm of dieting, you have a chance to create and then sell meal plans. These meal plans are in high demand for the clients who are looking for ways to come up with personalized plan.

If you have discovered a flexible dieting that will track the calories, it would be a great work for many clients who need such. That will enable you to make money from home.

Making Dietary Meal Plans

54. Freelance Logo Designer

Freelance Logo Designer

A freelancer logo designer, is another great opportunity of making money from home. For you to become a freelancer logo designer, it is not an easy task. However, it is completely worth the effort. When you become a freelancer logo designer, it can be freeing. You will be working on the projects you care and need.

However, this can be a money generating work at home for you. You can look for clients who wants to have their logos designed. But to achieve that, you should learn design at traditional school or enroll online classes to become a pro to get high paying gigs.

55. Freelance WordPress Designer

There are many people worldwide who lack technical skills but need help with their WordPress sites. That is why they look for freelancer WordPress designer to help them with their WordPress. There are skills that are needed for one to become a professional WordPress designer.

For a WordPress designer, the role of the expert is to ensure the WordPress has the plugins and themes that are attractive and responsive. To do that, one needs to have a good knowledge of this software. An added advantage is that one can work at home and get hired to offer the services for a client who is many kilometers away.

Freelance WordPress Designer

56. Freelance PHP Developer

Freelance PHP Developer

The PHP developer is a software engineer that plays the role of creating applications, websites, and programs with the help of PHP. As a freelance PHP developer, you are likely to get work from web design firms, software companies, technologies firms and other businesses. The main role of a PHP developer includes object-oriented programming, implantation, web application development, troubleshooting, modular programming and more.

If you have strong math, analytical and logic skills, there is a chance for you to make money with such home based jobs. You can work as a freelance PHP developer online at home for clients who need your skills.

57. Freelance Website Designer

A web designer is a person who helps to prepare web content. It is a role that majors with styling and layout of the content pages such as images and texts. Web designing will need use of various technologies but mostly, there is reliance on hypermedia and hypertext resources such as CSS, HTML, and web design tools.

If you are proficient in higher-level programming languages that are used in creating scripts, there is a huge demand for your skills. You can look for clients and get paid to work as a freelance website designer when based at home. It is among the unique business ideas to do.

Freelance Website Designer

58. Data Entry Specialist

Data Entry Specialist

As a data entry specialist, you’re supposed to transcribe huge amount of info accurately and fast. Besides, you also need to have interpersonal skills and good time management.

There are clients who want to hire remote data entry specialists who are skilled on database management systems. Some of these systems include SQL and Excel and as an experienced freelancer, you should be familiar.

When you’re a qualified data entry specialist, you should be comfortable with tools used in managing the company’s information. However, you have to be equipped with common spreadsheet and word processing programs such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office.

59. Voice Over Artist

The clients might need a voice actor who will help them with a business presentation, tutorial or commercial work. Despite all that, these projects have something in common. They need a voice-over talent who can clearly communicate their business, idea, or product.

If you are an exceptional voice artist, there is a chance for you to get these stay at home jobs. The clients know that it is not everyone who is comfortable with a microphone. You should be having skills of having flexible and clear quality. Being a voice over artist is a task that you can perform and earn money from home.

Voice Over Artist

60. Freelance Photographer

Freelance Photographer

Do you consider photography an art? There is something good for you as you can turn your hobby to become a freelance photographer. When you are a freelance photographer, you should be carrying your camera wherever you go and be ready to capture amazing photos.

As a freelance photographer, you can be hired by clients on contract basis. It is something that is different from getting employment from a company. You can therefore, seek prospective clients. You can also create a marketing plan through a website and social media platforms. By having a good plan and then deliver consistent results to your clients, it will help your freelance photographer online business grow.

61. Freelance Journalist

A journalist is someone who does reporting, writing, editing, broadcasting news, photographing or even conducting news organizations. The role of a journalist is therefore, to investigate and then report on the issues, trends and event that the public will get interests. Besides, they also have to do that at a timely manner. As a journalist, there is a field that you can rely on such as fashion.

There are other journalists who concentrates on day-to-day news, look for relevant news at home and abroad that they can report on. A freelance journalist can get hired to work remotely as a writer, editor or get more news.

Freelance Journalist

62. Online Call Center Representative

Online Call Center Representative

There are numerous online call center representatives home based jobs. While undertaking these jobs, one has to do them at home as a virtual call center. Besides, it can be done in an office that is outside the home.

The companies hire their call center agents who are supposed to work at home. These call center agents work for companies needs or may be from outsourcing firms that will deliver call center services at a fee. There are many available home based call center agents needed for BPOs. It is therefore, a job that requires people working at their homes as online call center representatives.

63. Online Tech Supporter

An online tech supporter is an expert that provides customers services online. These online technical supports will help the customers to solve their issues or problems with their software or electronics.

The support can be delivered via different channels such as phone call, email and even live chat. If you want to become an online tech supporter, you need to be equipped with vast knowledge of the technical specifications of specific products or services. There are companies that hire online tech supporters to work at home and help them to offer assistance to their clients. However, the tech supporters should possess active listening skills.

Online Tech Supporter

64. Health Blogger

Health Blogger

Today, health and wellness is a hot topic for the last few years and hot new business ideas. With contemporary yoga classes and trendy new diets, it seems that people are hunting for the big thing. Sometimes, one doesn’t need to get a fitness membership or even personal chef to live heathy life. Sometimes, these answers are there for them with a click of their mouse.

Health blog has become a great way to educate people and earn money for bloggers. Most people are inspired to live a healthy lifestyle. They therefore run to look for information at health blogs. If you have a passion of blogging, it’s a good chance to start and make money at a health blog.

65. Travel Blogger

One can start a travel blogger to become a professional travel blogger. It is something that can be done online at home. There is less barrier for entry blogging and thus beneficial way to make money at home. There are many travel blogs online, but the audience is more than these blogs.

If you need to start a travel blog and earn an income, it is easy. However, there are techniques that you need to follow. These techniques will help to drive traffic into your blog or for affiliate program. Besides, you can also garner unique techniques that will make you noticed and get hired to work as a blogger.

Travel Blogger

66. Education Blogger

Education Blogger

There are many education blogs and bloggers who are making good money. These blogs are generating to the bloggers good income. For an education blog, it is created only for education purpose. That is why they are known to offer huge instructional potential in the list of online resources.

There are many benefits of these education blogs besides earning an income. As an education blogger, you can start your blog and work part-time or at home. You can also decide to add high quality content to bring high traffic in your site. That will help you earn because of the traffic or ask for student membership fee.

67. Tech Blogger

The world is becoming more tech-dependent. That is the reason there is need for more educators. There is a high demand for the tech bloggers who are ready to educate people from simple gadget, tutorials, and also complex programming concepts.

If you are a tech blogger, there is an opportunity for you to pursue your passion and hone your skills. It is can also be a good way to connect with tech enthusiasts’ community, develop their street cred, garner experience and earn money. You can earn though affiliate programs, AdSense because of large traffic into your site and more. However, as a tech blogger, pay attention to semantics.

Tech Blogger

68. Business Blogger

Business Blogger

A business blog is referred as standalone website or even a section for an existing business domain. It is devoted to writing on the subject matter that is related to the company’s industry. These business blogs are fundamental component for a successful marketing. That is why they are mostly utilized by the successful entrepreneurs.

These blogs are essential because they help the businesses to engage more potential customers. As a business blogger, you’re therefore helping an online business to grow. These companies will hire you to make their businesses get more customers and also attract potential clients. As a business blogger, you have to show characteristics of entrepreneurship.

69. Finance Blogger

A finance blog is an online blog or journal that offers news and information that is related to a finance industry. These type of blogs are not only offering news and information, they also provide the readers with stock analysis on fundamental and technical principles.

There are some of these blogs that provide the information free of charge. However, it is another great opportunity to work at home and earn blogging about finance. As a finance blogger, you can create your blog and allow people to read the information at a fee. Besides, you have to ensure that the style of your blog is casual.

Finance Blogger

70. Economy Blogger

Economy Blogger

An economy blogger is someone who is known to provide networks, academic dialogues and also fomenting ideas through a blog. It may sound wonderful, but it is not quite easy. Blogging requires time, that tends to be tight for most people; energy, and dedication.

If you have that in mind, you can practice economy blogging and there are many benefits of being an economy blogger. Besides playing a great career development for an aspiring economist. If you feel you’re ready to blog on economy niche you should adhere to the basic principles such as blog good, follow the niche and be dedicated.

71. Home & Real Estate Blogger

Every agent will need to have a strong and informative real estate blog as that is their entrepreneurial culture. It is clear that such type of a blog is game-changing and come with many benefits to the real estate business. However, as a home and real estate blogger, you can therefore blog and have an income stream online.

With real estate blog, you can make money by offering membership content. That means that you are offering subscriptions to all your exclusive contents. The other ways you can money is through sponsorship content and ads. It therefore means you can also get paid to promote products or services.

Home & Real Estate Blogger

72. Food Blogger

Food Blogger

If you have a food blog, you might be publishing free content. However, there are plenty ways for you to generate income with food blogging. It depends on the way the food blogger will run the business. Some of the ways to make money as a food blogger is through brand sponsorship, display advertisement, and affiliate commission.

The best method is working with brands because it will earn you a lot. So publishing your content will be your own terms. However, working with these brands can also be a natural fit for bloggers. But, you should focus on the brands you prefer.

73. Mom Blogger

Most people wonder whether blogging is an essential option to earn money working online at home. Yes, it is a good women owned business and personality. That is because blogging will need perseverance and therefore, when you enjoy blogging, it will be a basic thing that will keep you moving ahead.

However, it seems nice to be a mom blogger. You can do it at home when free and earn money at home. There are some questions you should first ask yourself. Do you love talking about mom tips or tricks that make life easier? Do like helping others? And do you like writing?

Mom Blogger

74. Online Yoga Instructor

Online Yoga Instructor

Online yoga instructor is a good opportunity to work at home. The reasons as to why people go into teaching is because they love practice and are willing to share it. However, relying on selling time-for-money is hard. If you get sick, what happens? It is therefore easier to serve and teach the moment you’re rested. That is why, it is a great idea to generate income online as an online yoga instructor.

There are many ways that you can be creative and help you to generate sustainable income via a website. If you create a yoga website, you can sell and advertise yoga videos as part of small business marketing.

75. Online Video Maker

Video editing is the act of arranging and manipulating the video shots. That simply means you have to put an artistic and technical skills that are needed to add special effects, structure and more. There are websites that one can register and earn money by editing videos.

As the video industry is booming, there are more people requiring professional help for them to create some quality video content for them. If you’re good at this, there is something big waiting for you. As a freelance video editor with video editing software and skills, it is something demanding and equally rewarding

Online Video Maker

76. Online Photo Editor

Online Photo Editor

To become a professional online photo editor is a grasp when you have the right experience. To edit photos, one need to have trustworthy tools such as Lightroom, GIMP and photoshop. That will help to work magic. Online photo editing has a difference with other freelance home based job sites. That is because you won’t be fighting for jobs with bids that don’t pay much.

If you are a professional photo editor, working online at home will enable you to apply work anywhere in the world. You might be asked to take a test to be hired as a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

77. Amazon Seller

We have many e-commerce sites such as Shopify, ClickFunnels, Etsy and Ebay. These sites make selling products to be easy. However, a good way you can make money is looking at Amazon jobs from home.

If want to join world of e-commerce, amazon gives you a huge opportunity. Year over year, you will find that Amazon grows and has already smashed some competitors such as Ebay. At Amazon work at home, there are great ways one can make money. The best killer way is becoming an amazon reseller.  Here, you can make your private label products and then sell them online via Amazon e-commerce site.

Amazon Seller

78. Ecommerce Product Reseller

Ecommerce Product Reseller

A reseller business is another great opportunity to make money especially with first-time entrepreneurs. However, similar to other online business ideas, being a reseller will require one to be patient and committed. A reseller business, is one that you have to sell products after you have purchased from your manufacturer.

This dropship business model is usually affordable and therefore, a great option that new entrepreneurs can do. You don’t have to create your products and therefore, have an extensive selection of the products you want to choose. By becoming an ecommerce product reseller, it gives you an opportunity to grow and make more money at home.

79. Online Gym Trainer

No matter how you want to grow your online entrepreneur business and connect with new clients, there is always a limitation – the clock. An excellent way to earn income as an online gym trainer is to start your online fitness studio. That is the perfect ways to earn money if you start an online video “hub” that offers specialized courses, follow-along training plans and nutritional advice.

As this is online, it is therefore easy for you to increase number of your clients and then decrease the hours you spend at the gym floor.  Another way you can earn as an online gym trainer is launching a fitness app.

Online Gym Trainer

80. AutoCad Developer

AutoCad Developer

AutoCAD refers to commercial computer-aided designing and also a drafting software application. This is a great software with high demand because of the role it plays. This software was released some years back and aim was to help the running of computers. It usually carries internal graphics controllers. Before introduction of AutoCAD, most of the commercial CAD programs were running on mainframe computers and minicomputer.

So, each CAD operator was therefore working at their separate graphics terminal. Being an AutoCAD developer, there are many stay at home jobs today. These are working opportunities for mobile and web app. It is a good online business for professional AutCAD developers.

81. Motivational Speaker

Today, motivational speakers are at high demand. You might be among the best speakers but dont know how you can make money. There are online jobs where you can become a paid speaker. There are different ways that you can utilize as a motivational speaker and get paid. The best opportunity comes after you have packaged well your knowledge and expertise. That comes with creation of content that will be based on knowledge and expertise. With that, you can develop multiple revenue streams. Some of these streams that are helpful include personal platforms, keynotes, and conference presentations as ways to make money from home.

Motivational Speaker

82. Internet Marketer

Internet Marketer

In marketing, there are many strategies that can make an individual to succeed. But one strategy that can’t miss is marketing your best customers first, your prospects and then the others. To make money online as an internet marketer, you need to have prime skills such as knowing your niche and then market yourself for you to target audiences.

The others will automatically follow. If you know your customers and you make them feel valued and respected, that helps to build trust. With this, it is an effective method that one can make money through internet marketing and enjoy profit online after noting the service you can offer.

83. Tech Entrepreneur

If you have unique business ideas for a new product or tech company in the current tech space, you can make an income with that. So, you should not abandon your idea because you don’t have technical expertise. It is easy to become a tech entrepreneur even when you don’t know anything about tech.

To achieve with that, you need to have a great idea. With the strengths you have, you can earn respect from peers and partners. For example, if you’re are a salesperson having a plethora of industry knowledge, you can sell the big idea to the press, tech partners, and investors.

Tech Entrepreneur

84. Lifestyle Blogger

Lifestyle Blogger

You can get yourself on the path of blogging fortune and glory. The first stop is learning how to become a lifestyle entrepreneur through blogging. Having an interesting life and activities is a good chance of becoming a lifestyle blogger and get more traffic.

As a lifestyle blogger you need to have highly visual content that has a wide focus on various subjects that brings about the blogger and specific hook. Your hook can be anything such as environmental beauty. But it should bring together and link content based on interests, life and your world view. That gives you a chance to make money from home.

85. Stand-Up-Comedian

A stand-up comedian will get paid to ensure that the audience laughs. The rate at which a stand-up comedian can get money will be related to disciplined entrepreneurship. Besides, the audience laughter levels will be determine by comedians level to generate, his reputation and experience including other essential factors.

When venturing into stand-up comedy business, you should have enough comedy talent that you can perfectly do as a comedian. You should also do what it takes for you to develop the skills that will act up to make you become noticed as you can get potential paid opportunities. The more you create entertaining videos on your YouTube channel, the more subscribers and income you generate.


86. Fashion Entrepreneur

Fashion Entrepreneur

If you’re a fashion entrepreneur, you can create opportunities of making money by starting an online fashion store. Today, most people have been in social media, and that has not only been used for communication but also for online business. Having that in mind, you can advertise and sell your products through the social networking sites and shopping apps.

There are many ways you can drive customers to buy your products. For example, creating a feedback section for people who have bought your goods, advertise with pay-per-click and take advantages of search engines if you have created a website.

87. Food Entrepreneur

There are many ways to work online as a food entrepreneur. You can start a blog and monetize it such that it can generate income . It is something that started few years but also a good way to make money. The other way is to sell your recipes. There are many websites out there willing to pay you for your recipe. The more people are interested and view recipes, the more money you’ll be making.

However, it is essential when you have an original recipe. Another essential way to make money online as a food entrepreneur is publishing a cookbook. That could be of tried and tested recipes.

Food Entrepreneur

88. Business Entrepreneur

Business Entrepreneur

There are no limitations of becoming an entrepreneur when you have easy business ideas. As an online entrepreneur, you have to create your business by bearing all the risks and later enjoy the rewards as a successful entrepreneur. So, as an entrepreneur, you are like an innovator and a good source of new ideas.

You will be playing a big role into the economy by using skills and initiative necessary for you to anticipate your needs by bringing new ideas into the market. There are many obstacles to face but taking the risks will reward you with profits, fame and also growth opportunities.

89. Background Music Creator

There is an audience seeking for quality background music. It is something that challenges you. However, you can create a website and add millions of songs. As an owner, you have to offer different search functionalities, music experience and licensing options.

If you become a background music creator, you will be running an income generating site but you have to create engaging music and videos. That will encourage high traffic in your site and more people will love your work. People will be willing to pay to download your music. That is therefore a great internet business to start and allow it to grow.

Background Music Creator

90. Online Translator

Online Translator

If you find yourself enjoying toggling, there is a strong chance for you to become an online translator. There are many translation apps out there but there is also a higher demand for people who can offer concise, accurate and clear translations.

If you know various languages, there is a good chance for you to get paid for translations. However, you should have the right skills and qualifications where you’re translating between your native language and other languages.

When you’re ready to start translation services online, you can land yourself into translation freelancing gigs. That can also be a great part-time work from home.

91. Entertainment Blogger

There are various ways to share your favorite entertainment with other people in this digital age. You can easily do that by starting a personal blog that discusses favorite movies, music, performing arts, books and more.

An added advantage of being an entertainment blogger is because you can make an extra income. That is through attracting more traffic into your blog or getting hired to write entertainment blog articles for other people’s blogs.

As an entertainment blogger, you will have much fun creating your personal archives that features articles related to entertainment. It is something that make stay at home jobs for entertainment blogger rock.

Entertainment Blogger

92. Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, you can offer advice and guidance to customers and get compensations. There are most profitable business ideas that you can offer to your clients. Some other services as a financial advisor can offer include tax planning, estate planning, and investment management.

If you want to start working as a financial advisor, there some essential things you should carry such as Series 65 license. That allows you to conduct your business with the public. As a financial advisor, there are various licenses that you should be having to show that you’re qualified and legitimate. Working as a financial advisor is a good part time work from home.

93. Online Travel Agent

There are ways to make money from online travel. If you want to become an online travel agent, there are countless platforms that wil offer you the opportunity.

However, in this path, you should be smart-minded to let you land a desired opportunity as there are rooms of getting hired at home based jobs.

The essential thing is to have competitive attitude and enough skills with you. As an online travel agent, you can get invites from private firms to help them with your services after realizing that you’re offering excellent services.

The finest ways to get relevant connections is through social media.

Online Travel Agent

94. App Developer

App Developer

Everyone wants to have the next application in their hands. Mobile development is an extremely profitable way to make some money. But, you should know what you’re doing.

In case you’re having a great idea and you are also great at app development, this is a great business opportunity. With the skills, there are firms that can hire you to make applications for them. That can be a surprising money-making opportunity.

If want to get a chance to become an app developer but you don’t have skills, you should study coding and how to build apps. With the current situations and intentions, you have a few different routes to choose from.

95. WordPress Developer

Working as a WordPress developer is a good way to earn money from home. You have to make custom plugins and modules that are used in WordPress. As a web designer, you’re, therefore, being able to develop themes compatible with WordPress. If you have these skills, you can get money by developing themes and plugins for WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source and free blogging tool. It is a content management system that is based on MySQL and PHP. As a website developer, you have to understand WP and core functions. When you create themes and plugins, you can sell them to earn an extra income.

Wordpress Developer

96. Website Developer

Website Developer

The role of web developers it creates and designs websites. Any website that you visit, its look will depend on the website developer. Besides, these website developers are also responsible for the website’s technical aspects such as capacity and performances. Those are techniques that website developers use to measure the speed and traffic that a website can handle.

If you have the skills of developing a website, there are numerous opportunities and home based jobs for you. The most essential skills are programming and graphic designs. That is the reason why there are many individuals and companies looking for people with these skills to develop or create websites for them.

97. Website Link Builder

In the current digital marketing techniques, website link building has become the best areas for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). As a link builder taking jobs from home, you have to construct link mass for your clients’ websites at a fee.

Today, with the development of online marketing, there is a high demand for link builders. With external links, they help in website ranking. For example, a link leading from site A to site B will become a recommended prototype. Link building is an advantage for businesses. That is because search engines will need to show users high quality and popular resources in their search results. So, the business owners will hire link builders to give them many external links because that helps to indicate that it is an authoritative website.

Website Link Builder

98. Grooming Trainer

Grooming Trainer

You can earn money at home as a lifestyle entrepreneur after starting a grooming trainer business. However, to succeed in this job, you have to love it and be dated with the latest fashion. Everyone works differently depending on their ideas and personal traits. You should also have experience of grooming by working with other people because that is how you learn.

There are different ways of becoming a grooming trainer. You can learn by pondering and watching videos of grooming or get the skills from a trained professional. A grooming trainer is, therefore, among the hot new business idea you can venture into. But, to groom a dog, you should be an animal lover.

99. Online Acting Trainer

An online acting trainer is among new business ideas in 2020. This is because there is inaccessible high-quality training on acting. It doesn’t matter whether it is too far away, expensive, or exclusive to get into but there will be many people willing to enroll. That is the reason why there are many youths attending drama schools. So, venturing into an online acting trainer and offer your clients with affordable prices, you will have an added advantage of convenience.

However, acting has to be practical. You should have practical projects that will give your students tangible benefits by working on the great text.

Online Acting Trainer

100. Social Awareness Storyteller

Social Awareness Storyteller

Social awareness is the ability to be aware of the various problems that the communities and societies are facing on their daily basis. If you are aware of these problems, you can make money at home when you create and tell stories related to social awareness. That is possible through interaction and education.

Through storytelling, it is an effective way that humans communicate with one another. That depends on the way a storyteller can make sense of complex information.

However, it depends on the segment of the population you’re planning to reach by telling social awareness stories. Most people are willing to pay to hear your stories as long as you’re a great storyteller.

101. Landscape Designing

Landscape Designing

Landscape architecture is a field that is growing and offering employment to many. It combines both art and science in planning, designing and land management. In the traditional outdoors such as residential development, parks, gardens, campuses, commercial centers, resorts, waterfront development and transport corridors need landscaping.

This is therefore a growing field for people with landscaping skills. As there are many places that require landscaping design, there are also many opportunities that need such services. If you have the skills and experience, and importantly creative, you can earn by getting online offers. Many clients will hire qualified people to help with their landscape design. That brings the added advantage to the right candidate.

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