Build Relationship for Media Outreach via Content

Media outreach is one of the simplest ways to brand you. In fact, many of the articles you read today are the results of media outreach. While many stories are developed by publications looking to report on a selected topic, more stories are pitched to, and accepted by, people outside of that publication.

In this process, you’ll use social network sites. Like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to boost awareness for your brand, content, or to create new relationships are called Social Media Outreach.

Some people consider media outreach as something a spinmeister does to make their client look good within the media. This is often far away from reality.

Media outreach is just putting your story ahead of individuals who have a platform to inform it to a wider audience. If done effectively, a well-placed story about you and/or your company is often a branding goldmine.

It’s time to find how to increase the reach of your content through social media. A good range reach is critical to a successful inbound marketing campaign because it gets more eyes on your content and from another side if done right, more click-through down the funnel to your branded content.

Once you’ve got a goal, you would like a thought for your content. This might mean building links to a selected piece of content, a business’s website as an entire or simply overall brand awareness.

If you’re planning on creating high-value content, you’ll want to understand that it can hit the bottom running once it makes its way onto social media. But if you wait until the eleventh hour to ask others to share your content, you’re likely to be rebuffed.

Once you’ve built a relationship, then you’ll start reaching out and asking them to market and share your content on their channels. In fact, if you specialize in the connection, and therefore the quality of your content is sweet, in many instances, you won’t even get to ask. It’ll happen naturally.

I began media outreach as to how to assist publications with access to people they wanted to write down about. Over time, these relationships grew to where I’m on a first-name basis with writers and editors and may pitch them topics quickly. Let’s talk about more.

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