Preparing Your Copywriting Platform: Why You Need It and How To Create It

Today, the copywriting world has plenty of benefits and opportunities.  From flexible remote working and casual “workwear.” let’s be honest here, there are lots to love with copywriting business. When it comes to getting jobs, not all of us get that face-to-face chances to impress like a more traditional career. We depend on our writing to talk on our behalf. Those are great news to introverts but too much pressure on little portfolios.

Whether you’re a new or experienced copywriter aiming to up your game, having a professional portfolio is a crucial weapon in the copywriting business.

Happily, no need to have a degree in graphics to come up with an amazing portfolio or years of copywriting experience. With some time, helpful software, and dedication will give you a portfolio that wins you work.

The majority of copywriting jobs are available in the online world. That is where your portfolio should live. You can consider some great options that make it easy for you to have a professional-looking digital portfolio:

A Writer's Website

With a copywriting business website, it gives you a natural home for the portfolio. You also have to dedicate a page that displays your best sample. That will help you keep your presence online simply and cohesion as it helps to direct traffic to one site.

An added advantage is the presence of website builders such as Squarespace and WordPress. You can use them to create a portfolio that stands out with a unique design. You will also get endless customization options to choose, but coming up with a beautiful page might be challenging and time-consuming, especially when you lack coding know-how.

Set an Online Portfolio Platform

Copywriting business has gained popularity, and there is an increase in the number of fantastic portfolio platforms. It is a perfect way to quickly create an amazing collection of your work without rating your technical skills.

There are numerous platforms you can choose from. Look and use those platforms that are geared mostly to writers and come with an added advantage of a free basic package. You can be charged to use premium features and some additional customization options. Most of them will give you the option of uploading a link to your URL or PDF file. Some can even let you embed audio files, videos, or other multimedia formats. Considering having your online platform, choose some of the top writer portfolios platforms such as, Carbonmade, and Contently.

Using ProCopywriters Profile

Using a ProCopywriter’s portfolio tool is an essential way to consider when you want to promote your work to an audience of potential clients. Those copywriters having pro membership will have an attractive online portfolio on their profile page. With that, it will be sitting in ProCopywriters directory having thousands of copywriters.

An easy-to-use tool will allow you to attach a PDF file, upload a thumbnail image, and include a project overview for each project.

Choosing Your Best Samples

Having a well-crafted portfolio is an effective way that can prove to editors and clients that your marketing spiel is backed up by the quality of your work. In short, that tells clients you can be trusted to offer the services.

With that in mind, a good copywriting portfolio should have the right writing samples.

Here are tips of how you choose the correct samples:

Understand Your Niche

In the previous writings, you might have worked on some mix-up projects especially at your early stages of a writing career. That is something that happens to most copywriters.

Besides, it’s not a problem at all especially when you’re aiming at the generalist copywriting market. However, if you have got a niche that you love or excel at, such as technical copy or travel writing, tailor your portfolio in that field as it will help to boost your expertise impression.

You Don't Need To Have many experiences of Copywriting

If you don’t have experience in copywriting, don’t stress. There is no rule saying your portfolio should have paid writing work. So, it’s great news for newbies as they can create samples for their portfolio. You should make your project briefs such as an advertising feature or blog post. Hone, edit, and display it with much pride.

Choose the Best Pieces

It sounds obvious, but you need to have samples that showcase your talents and experience at best. They’re not necessarily those you have fondest memories. Having a frustratingly challenging belief will bring out your best work.

However, no need to display the entire text as a writing sample to choose from. It can throw up some duplicate content issues and ranking your portfolio lengthy.  A screenshot or short excerpts of published webpages will be a concise way for you to give a flavor of your writing skills.

Avoid Getting Carried Away

No need to become overwhelmed and use endless samples in your portfolio. It’s unlikely because maybe only a few people will wade through all your body of work. You have to think over quantity.

Add a Project Overview

You can highlight your skills further with a short overview of the project. Briefly, give out the objectives, the way you achieved them, and the results. That can be an accessible style, seeing it rise in site traffic or followers, and being clear is a great chance to prove your copywriting has tangible benefits to clients.

The Final Words:

When you’re preparing your copywriting portfolio, unless you’ve epic arty skills, you have to keep things classy, clean, and simple. You can use an easy-to-read font with well-spaced lines. It should be consistent formatting across all your samples.

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