Branding Yourself as a Copywriter: Tips For Branding To Earn Better Profits

Branding! It is something you hear everywhere. You also see it on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. What is it and why do you need it as a freelancer?

If you’re a novice to working from home as a freelance writer, the first thing you can start to develop early is a signature brand. With your brand, it will help you set yourself apart from the other writers majoring in the same niche.

Why do you need to define your brand personality? That is because it is a living entity, so think about it as such. Moreover, your brand also helps to communicate on what you offer, making you unique.

If you brand yourself as a copywriter, it helps your customers distinguish you from a pool of competitors; giving you an emotional connection than you might think.

Personal branding starts with what you want to offer to the online audience. For example, as an adventure, you might need to come off as a person flexible and want to dive into new projects.

Your brand will carry across all platforms and also be consistent. And the biggest component of your brand should be the visual component. It is something that people have to see and associate with when you’re a freelance writer. 

So, to brand yourself and get better-paying writing jobs, here are the tips to consider:

Create Memorable Author Bio

For most successful freelance writers, their author bio offers them a place they can feature links to their portfolio or website. That is by explaining what they do or offer.

But, you need to stand out from the rest by injecting some branding into your author bio. To do that, you have to create a memorable author’s bio.

For example, here is an author bio that has some little branding in it:

Arya Lena is an irreverent marketer and copywriter. She’s aiming to stamp out gobbledygook by making boring business blogs sparkle. Request her free Snackable Writing Course and learn how to enchant the leaders to win more business.

In the example, it tells you a bit more about the writer. Is the writer funny, gentle, geeky, or kind?

There are numerous prospects seeking writers of a certain edge. If you will convey that when creating your bio, it will land you more clients.

Show Off Your Headshot

Showing your face helps to improve conversions by 95%. It has been proven how it is essential to put a picture of yourself. That can be on your social media, email signature, and website.

That helps your prospects trust you. I mean, they’re paying you for your words and it’s a big thing for some people. With a headshot, it will break the ice, develop trust, and ease the prospect’s minds to give you their money.

Wondering about a good headshot?

It should have a clean background, natural light, personal look, and appropriate clothing.

There is no need to hire a professional photographer. It means you don’t have to hide behind a scenic or an avatar photo for your writing business. A headshot for you will be good.

Do a Website Design

A website is among the best tools to use for freelance writing business. To help direct your prospects somewhere, a dedicated website to your services is the perfect solution. With a professional website (example), you can use it to attract clients in many ways. And the most essential one is through branding. That means color, logo, and copy, and you will find it converting regularly.
Your website helps to demonstrate:

Use Your Writing Voice

The best thing as a freelance writer is that you can write in your voice. That is unless you’re offering ghostwriting services to a client.

As a writer, you have your personal way of conveying thoughts, forming sentences, and giving examples through writing.

How should good writing be?

Good grammar, spelling, and punctuation are crucial but not sufficient. Writing for business purpose have to persuade and hook a reader. A good way to do that is to use stories as readers are wired with them. Good writing should, therefore, have believable details, natural speech, and perfect flow from start to end.

Finally, it is also good you stick with some sites for references. Depending on your niche you can also refer others based on your knowledge and preferences.

By improving your research skills and writing, over time you’ll adopt your writing style that prospects like.

Create Social Media Profiles

One way you can brand yourself is by creating social media profiles. They don’t have to look the same as your site, but it should have the same tone as your overall brand.

For example, you can use a Facebook or Twitter banner. To make it elegant, use the same font and color scheme you used on your website.

Use Amazing Visuals

Most of the tips, it is about visuals. What does that mean? In your blog samples, to have a growing audience, the greatest way is infusing your brand with blog post images.

Most people will start to recognize your post because of the image you use. That helps you develop authority in a niche you’ve specialized in because of branding images that look better and cohesive. 

One thing you should always remember is adding your URL to images. It is the number one way of branding them!

The Final Words:

When you get clients, there are two things they look at your writing: the voice of your copywriting piece and the personality of their brand. It’s therefore, essential to consider your brand personality as it gives your client something they can relate to. That turns your business into connection.

In copy writing, what matters is creativity, approach, and knowledge. These are values you can use to communicate with your clients. The more you flesh out on your brand personality profile, the easier it can be for you to speak in a consistent voice.

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